"Arte en la tierra"
In the village Santa Lucia de Ocón in the Rioja district there is an annual workshop and exhibition with Land Art. In 2004 I partici- pated together with three Spanish artists: Sebastian Fabra, Bianca Navas, Ricardo González. During 10 days ca. 450 straw bales and more than 1 ton of stones became my installation: "Culture meeting in nature".- and culture meeting it was with private housing and help from the inhabitants of the village. The architect behind this event is the spanish sculptor Félix José Reyes Arencibia
land art culturemeeting land art installation land art stone cone
60 m long og 450 straw bales
land art installation land art installation land art stone cone
land art stone cone
land art cultoremeeting
land art stone cone land art culturemeeting
land art cultoremeeting
culture meeting: Nordic straw billy goat meets Spanish straw bull
land art straw balls

Culture meeting in nature”
The placing in the possible fields was important for me. What are the sights, the views, the lines, and important for me - the feeling being at the spot.
Here it was the two mountains with the form of breasts that made the placing at “the womb of mother earth”
I too wanted to create rooms in the open landscape, rooms for experiencing and exploring.
The cultural meeting coming from Denmark to Spain I wanted to be represented, as well as being part of something common for many cultures in history.
Transition from a pyramidal form to a circular room with a cone of stones, a room for resting, for silence, for dialog, for reflection, for meditation - a room for all cultures. Constructive possibilities.

land art model land art model